Dr. Tom Resz (pronounced “reece”) is a long-time Colorado resident practices alternative and holistic healthcare in Grand Junction, Colo. Dr. Resz studied Chiropractic Medicine at Logan University in Missouri, and holds degrees and certifications in Life Science, Applied Kinesiology, Botanical Medicine, and Nutritional Counseling. “The principle behind functional medicine is that the body can heal itself if given the opportunity,” Resz shares. “In my practice, I help to identify internal and systemic issues that may manifest as symptoms and provide opportunities for healing in a holistic medicine setting.”

Dr. Resz uses a variety of natural approaches as an alternative and holistic healthcare provider, including hands-on techniques for soft tissue, craniosacral, and meridian therapies. “Holistic medicine is preventative as well as restorative,” says Resz. He also uses a variety of botanicals that are beneficial in restoring health and wellness.

Another useful tool that Dr. Resz utilizes is Applied Kinesiology in Grand Junction, alternatively referred to AK. While Kinesiology is the study of movement of the human body, Applied Kinesiology describes a diagnostic system originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the mid 1960's. By challenging and observing the response of the nervous system, a lot can be determined about what areas need work as well as what approach to take to achieve the greatest benefit. AK challenges the nervous system as your body reacts to a substance (bacteria, virus, etc.). By utilizing vials, supplements, nutrients, botanicals, etc. Dr. Resz finds a remedy that will strengthen a weak muscle and help your body respond in a positive way and looking at a root cause.

Dr. Resz has been trained by Dr. Michael Lebowitz and follows his protocols.